Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2015 Collection Review

Thom Browne is an undercover fashion rebel. Browne not only blends the line between avant garde and classic designs, he demolishes it; as he has become notorious for in past collections (I'm talking to you, Spring 2015 RTW). I feel like his designs are based off of traditional styles, but become whimsical in the process. Almost like he's making fun of the classics, actually. I always appreciate a fashion rebel, or comedian, especially if they're more subtle like Thom Browne. He's technically following all the rules when it comes to clothes, but I think that there's something funny with either the proportions or maybe an overwhelming amount of tradition that gives it the quirky look. Tradition to the extreme, I'll say. Even though the collection is tailored so masculinely, Thom Browne is not designing men's clothes here. The feminine flares are mostly through softer fabric, with the occasional, and obvious, heel or handbag.

I absolutely love this look. As can be said for much of Browne's work, I can't exactly place my finger on what it is. Maybe it's her strong stance, the length of the pant to bring your eyes to the socks, the careful placement of the coat, or the single pop of color, but something just makes this look work. I hate being so vague and unable to describe what I mean; it appears as though Thom Browne's designs have cast a spell on me. But I am confident that I will, in time, be able put my thoughts on this look into words.


  1. Really cool look! Thanks for sharing :)
    Melanie @

  2. I just came across your blog courtesy of a comment you posted on The Sartorialist. I am delighted with the discovery and impressed with your writing skills and keen fashion eye for someone so young. I have no doubt that you will succeed at your dream of becoming a fashion journalist Sophia. Be proud! I look forward to future posts and perusing your archive posts also. With love from Ireland, Susanne.

  3. Great post as always! xx