Anna Sui Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Often in the winter, I ask myself Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, only to find that they've fled to Anna Sui's runway. Always bohemian and never boring, Sui's fall ready-to-wear collection made me look at fall with a different perspective, specifically, one that's not so afraid of the cold anymore. (Or maybe just wishing it wasn't so cold. This is the type of winter I want; not one that has me looking like an Eskimo more often than not...) 

This collection fought the cold the free-spirited way: peacefully with knee-high boots, tights, knit-caps, fur vests and ponchos. Long-sleeved tunics ensured they would be prepared for a bit of wind at the music festival they're so obviously dressed for. The winter boho doesn't forget her accessories either. Chunky, beaded necklaces adorned nearly every bohemian beauty and thick-framed glasses implied that there's brains behind the flower crowns. Knitted viking hats nodded to a culture whose dreary winter brought out the brightest colors, a challenge now faced by Anna Sui's hippie army. The patterns were not dissimilar to old rugs and tapestries you'd find at those dusty-colored 70s thrift shops. 

As for the colors, I felt like I was looking in a kaleidoscope inside a forest overflowing with flowers, or maybe on the streets during the 70s because of the abundance of earthy tones like orange, purple, and green. Wherever it was supposed to be, I feel like it belongs now, in the present day. Today's fashion is getting sleeker and sleeker, seemingly cutting back until we'll have nothing left. Sometimes we just have to let go and be free and that's exactly what Anna Sui's fall 2015 collection has done.

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