Another Fashion Week Just on the Horizon

Doesn't it feel like September was either two days or two years ago? Any extreme amount of time except for the actual six months feels about right, possibly because we've had both the pre-fall and couture collections to warm us up for fashion's biggest star: ready to wear. Not as extravagant (or expensive) as couture, yet richer in quality and cost than clothes off the racks, RTW (or shall I say prêt-à-porter?) is more timely than pre-fall or resort, and more accessible for smaller brands, making ready to wear the crème de la crème of high fashion. And unlike pre-fall collections that straggle in anytime from December to late January, ready to wear has a designated month, a time of condensed fashion when there is never a lack of things to write about, nor inspiration.

From what I've seen in pre-fall and couture, I'm exited to see what some designers have in store for this season. And for others, well I just hope they saved their best work for RTW and their pre-fall was a rough draft.

This will also be the last fashion week held at Lincoln Center, which will be a little sad to see let go because they've been a home for fashion professionals and wannabe-one-day fashion professionals alike for so long.

Fashion weeks for me are always a bit bittersweet because, although I love seeing the fashion both on the runways and the streets, I always feel like I'm missing out on something, especially because New York is so close to where I live. It's extremely frustrating having to go to school when all this creativity and newness is going on. In September, I was lucky enough to go to Lincoln Center for an evening and just experience the creativity in the air, as well as meet a few people, (still thanking my mom) and I hope I'm lucky enough to go again (hint to mom.)

The scene during September. I expect it will be a similar sight later this week into next week, maybe a bit more bundled up. I'm curious to see how the cold will effect them - some of these people seemed pretty determined to be fashionable, and wouldn't have anything, not even frostbite, stand in their way.


  1. I wish that someday I could go to a Fashion Week. xx