Gareth Pugh Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

A fashion revelation? Rebellion? Revolution? Call it what you want, but Gareth Pugh's fall 2015 collection was certainly like no other this season. Fashion, like other art forms, is often a statement on society; an individual's political or cultural opinion; an expression. In his latest collection, Gareth Pugh made a statement on his mother country, England, and a strong one too. Between the red crosses painted across the models', or revolutionaries I might say, faces, the fluffy hats stolen right off the heads of beefeaters, high-fashion versions of Wellington boots, and the general style and silhouette of the looks all pointed to England and the darker part of its rich history. I'm not as educated in English history as I'd like to be when reviewing this collection, but this much is clear to me: this collection is a reminder of a battle and the victory, but most of all, it represents all the blood spilled in the process. The last look stood strongest of them all, almost completely mirroring the scene out of Eugène Delacroix's La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple: a topless woman, the human form of liberty, leading the people to victory with the nation's flag in hand. The flag in La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple is completely wrong for the British theme of this show, but the moral still stands. 

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