Katie Ermilio Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Katie Ermilio fall 2015 ready to wear was traditional, maybe even teetering on the edge of being a boring, been-there-seen-that collection, but saved, luckily, by a few key components. These saving graces include black lace pants under a shift of the same material, a black turtleneck (that came up much farther than the neck), a black, satin blazer and matching trousers dotted with buttons, a grey and camel horizontal striped sweatsuit (not unlike a prison uniform, just a tad chicer), a smock of black lace, a turtleneck worn with nothing other than a bikini bottom (a bit impractical for a fall show), many transparent pieces, and a color-blocked fur coat. Black and red seemed to be the main color scheme of the show, with rare appearances by gold, grey, camel, and white. This was not a light collection. All the lines were sharp, all the colors vibrant, all the details precise. Nothing faded into something else: there was a clear beginning and end to each look and each element within the look. This collection was all or nothing; she either did a look or didn't, but she achieved everything that she tried. If it was in this collection, it was solid.

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