Less Is More: Collars

I've recently been loving jackets and coats with no or a very minimal collar. Especially those with the exact opposite of a collar: the introverted collar (this can also come across as a popped collar.) About a month ago, I found a super-tailored soft gray blazer with a mandarin collar at a thrift store, which is now a staple and highlight in my wardrobe. The same can be said for a piece that I found thrifting only a few weeks past - a minimalistic, navy blue suede coat with simple pockets and, also, a mandarin collar. (Pictures of both to come soon, I promise.) At this rate, anything with collars will be the minority in my closet by, about, July. (But my massive and ever-growing button-down collection will probably bring their numbers up, too)

J.Crew's regent blazer is on my list of better-without-a-collar's to look out for at the thrift store.


  1. love your header! and your blog is awesome as well!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Insta? :) Just let me know :)

  2. Pretty blazer!

    Sarah x