Madonna At the Grammy's....

Even though I didn't watch the Sunday night's Grammy Awards (Downton Abbey beats out any other TV competition), I did make sure to see all the red carpet looks on All the looks were mostly expected; the mix of trying-good, effortless-good, trying-bad, and plain bad ideas, but the one that.... stood out..... the most to me was Madonna's. And not in a breathtaking, sartorial revelation way. The first thought that came to my mind was that unflattering, old saying, mutton dressed as lamb. She is the definition of mutton dressed as lamb. She's trying too hard to stay current and hip, when, let's face it, her time has passed. Although I do admire her determination to stay in the game, Madonna should gracefully accept her age and stop trying to keep up with her younger competitors, for the sake of her own dignity and the eyes of others.

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