No. 21 Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

To my fellows who are not fortunate enough to live in a tropical paradise, look no further for your haven; No.21's fall ready-to-wear collection incorporated pieces of paradise into modern, urban looks, a feat that deserves recognition and exploration just as heaven itself. Gilded materials give a literal nod to golden shores or plains, but styled with heather-gray knits point to a more practical reality. Other representations of a modern Eden include tropical paradise motifs, watery aqua colors, coral (in both texture and color), and patterns printed with birds of paradise — the fabric serving as a perfect sky for them to fly free on. All of the previously listed components of heaven are grounded back to earth by style and silhouette: trench coats, sweaters, shifts, fur, and trousers all ensure these looks have the practicality that ready-to-wear has, or at least pretends to have. Long gloves of black lace accompany all the looks; possibly an attempt at daintily elegance, but the end result added a nice contemporary touch of toughness. The idea of paradise and practicality combined to form an everyday utopia is one often explored, and failed, but No.21's proved to be a true Heaven on Earth.


  1. I adore this collection and once again lovely post! xx

  2. Great review!! This collection has the most beautiful prints and flowing shapes :) And I am so happy that plaid is coming back in!

    Rachel xx