The Story Behind My Blog's Header Image & Title

About my header.... To me, and most of you probably, it looks most like an over-enthusiastic, Photoshop project gone wrong, but, believe it or not, there is some reason behind it. (Okay, I admit that it did, a bit, turn into a an over-enthusiastic, Photoshop project gone wrong, but all within reason.) 

I blog about things that interest me and things that I like. So it should only make sense that the image that reflects my blog shows that. To explain this mess, I'll work from the bottom up. I'm in love with the English countryside. If you follow my blog at all, you'll know that I aspire to occupy its rolling hills one day. Hence the sheep at the bottom. But at the same time, I'm also in love with the city, and I wouldn't want it to feel jealous, so I included the skyline. And then, my blog and main interests are in fashion, so I included some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2015 shows in September. Lastly, you see, the name of my blog is Plaid Is My Favourite Colour, so I felt it was necessary for there to be some elements of plaid, and thus the plaid sheep and empire state building. Now that it's dissected it may look like less of a mess to you, or maybe that my blog in general is still a mess, but it's my mess

I chose Plaid Is My Favourite Colour as my blog's title because plaid isn't really a color. Plaid is made up of multiple threads of color to create a lovely pattern. That's how I feel as a person: plaid. Not made up of any one thing, but rather a combination of many. Even though we (plaid & I) may be made up of common elements, when put all together we don't really fit in anywhere. Red plaid is not red, green plaid is not green. I find that the word plaid is a perfect explanation of myself and my blog.


  1. I really love both your blog's name and the header! It doesn't look like a mess at all. It's very creative and you provided a wonderful explanation of its meaning!