Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture

Out of the many inspirations that the designer may have had in mind when creating this collection, to me, Ulyana Sergeenko's spring 2015 couture collection looks most like the wardrobe of a doll. Not the Moschino, Barbie, pink, plastic, artificial airheads that we tend to think of today, but instead an old-timey, foreign doll that one sees at garage sales and thrift shops and in Antiques Roadshow. The type that grandparents carry over to their new homes. And although it may not sound like it, I say this as a compliment. 

I say "doll" and not person because every outfit, and every aspect within the outfits, look so carefully put together and styled, as if it were being sold in a box. Also, all of the proportions and colors and details are aesthetically pleasing to the eye (probably because of the precise symmetry in most of them). Just looking at the collection, not scrutinizing and analyzing the details, the flat, pastel blue background reminds me of faded collectables and is the perfect box for this doll that Ulyana Sergeenko had made.

The collection was made up of traditional silhouettes with elegant, whimsical touches, such as embroidered swirls, tassels, and feathers; all of those elements combined can be seen in a chicken (yes, chicken) themed bag that reappears to compliment many of the looks.

Although the looks were mostly traditional, nothing too weird, they definitely weren't American or British classics - I sense somewhere European, but I can't exactly place where. The embellishments and ornateness tell me Spain or maybe Italy, but not quite there, and some of the color schemes and details make me think otherwise, possibly Russia. 

Whatever or wherever it's supposed to be, Ulyana Sergeenko did a marvelous job in making every look separate, yet belong together. There are so many collections that look cohesive together because the looks are all the same color, or silhouette, or pattern, but to have a truly stylish collection it comes down to style - it all has to be within the same style, and varying versions of that style make up the collection. This is something that Ulyana Sergeenko has clearly mastered and I am confident they'll continue to practice.