Valentino Spring 2015 Couture

Love was heavy in the air at Valentino's spring 2015 couture show (how fitting for our current month?), with both visual motifs and subtler representations. Most of the collection was very rich and intricate, possibly indicating a time-consuming, elaborate relationship, while a few of them were very light, hinting at a simpler love. Many of the looks utilized transparency, suggesting something below the surface, not quite visible, but still there; a subtle allure (read: sexy done Valentino style.) Nearly all of the looks had a warm color scheme, probably because nobody likes a cold heart. Words of passion written in gold on flowing skirts and embroidered pattern details gave the show a delicate feel, not to mention the small flower motifs in the embroidery and woven into the hair. For a modern-day show based off love, you'd expect to see a lot more skin, but not from Valentino. No, this is the elegant form of love expressed through glances and looks, and so rarely seen in today's fashion.

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  1. Beautiful creations! Loved them all!



  2. Valentino was one of the best this year, I love his collection, especially that little red dress.