Alexander McQueen Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

In the shadows of chic cafes and comedic duos, McQueen's savage beauty climbed back on the surface of the fashion world, reconstructed and ready. Sarah Burton took inspiration from nature but not in the typical fresh and innocent way. There was nothing carefree and light about this show; this collection was heavy like autumn, and also represented the shedding of all the summer's work in order to have a clean slate before winter's cleansing. In my short life in fashion, so far, I don't think I've ever seen a collection that metaphorically represented autumn as well as this one. I don't normally look at the beauty elements of a show, but the wildly frizzy hair pouf really gave the show the traditional, at least in the house of Alexander McQueen, savage beauty. (Not to mention it also gave me an excuse to not even attempt to tame my hair in the morning. I'm an all-natural, McQueen savage beauty.) As I said before, Burton used natural blooms for her inspiration, but there are very few literal flowers in the collection. Instead they are portrayed through pleats, ruffles, and the floral colors. Burton's blossoms ranged from sharp reds and blacks, to soft blushes and deep cranberries. 

Although I'm a huge fan, and possibly the youngest, of Alexander McQueen, I haven't been loving his past collections, lately. For a time, I thought the old, legacy McQueen was gone forever and the fashion house would never be the same. But this collection has really put my faith back into McQueen. I think it's because Burton was in touch with nature, but not the naturally perfect character it's so often portrayed as. Burton looked at nature with a McQueen-sian state of mind and the product was this beautiful collection that mirrored the photos I see of Lee McQueen's golden day designs.

I'd like to point out that there's a ruff in this look. I really hope this becomes a trend and ruffs start to take over the street style of today. #BringBackTheRuff


  1. What an amazing collection, so arty!

    Sarah x

    1. You can always count on shows like this to be artsy!