BoF Breakfast Club

Is a spring break, or any time off for that matter, really a spring break if one does not waste some time idly watching YouTube videos with only half their mind fully working? I think not. I'm usually very loyal to this law, but this spring break I decided to bend the rule a bit. I chose videos with a little more substance (crazy, I know) by binge watching all episodes of Business of Fashion's Breakfast Club. The BoF Breakfast Club is basically my dream lunch table. Every week, a group of fashion's most qualified individuals gather to discuss and argue current events in the fashion world, over a picture perfect breakfast. I thoroughly enjoy listening to all their opinions and insights (especially Business of Fashion columnist Colin McDowell's artful arguments) on matters I've thought about but had no one to speak with. The discussions are moderated by BoF's own Imran Amed, who keeps the group both on topic and on time. I'll admit, though, that sometimes I wish the conversation would just ramble on and on. And it could if they let it. These people are filled with so much knowledge and are so opinionated that they could create enough content for a BoF Dinner Club.


  1. Wow, Sophia! Didn't hear about this video, so thank you for sharing! It war really intersting!!!