February Fashion Month Street Style

Street style. Street style is the base of fashion. It's common, everyday, and realer than anything walking down a runway. Street style is really a special thing because it can be as abstract and beautiful as runway designs, but they still have to perform everyday activities. I think I've said before that runway designs are like (rather stylish) empty shells and street style is when those shells are filled with character and personality. I love interpreting street style for the imagination: it takes some creativity to think up what these people do for a living, what they're like, where they're going, and so on. And you can tell, or at least guess, all of that from their outfit alone. Street style isn't shielded by a ceiling like an indoor runway. These clothes need to stand up to the elements! There's a bit more freedom in summertime street style, but that makes cold-weather wear all the more interesting. (These fashion people create all sorts of ways to stay cozy and stay chic.) 

And so, here are my favorite street style looks from this past February fashion month:

I love everything going on in this outfit. Between the fur, leather, patterns, and colors, this look proves more is more! 

Franca Sozzani is the (slightly older) Kate Moss of the streets!

Whenever I see window pane prints, I think of graph paper. Maybe that's a sign I've been in school too long.

I love the deep color of the coat and the general drama of this photo. It's a nice change from today's more comical, or at least more eye catching, street style.

I love the color scheme of this photo. The tan and black of Il Duomo and of her outfit.

Keeping bright on gray February days! 

You can always tell if a photo is from New York by three things: the people look very urban, very cold, and almost always like they're in a rush.

Big hair, don't care.

Showing true Italian heritage! I love when the culture shines out in the fashion, especially in today's globally connected world.

Style is ageless.

Inspirational messages can be found everywhere, even on the back's of jackets. 
Live free, Die Strong, Comme Des Garçons (like boys)

Street style never fails to amaze and inspire me. Trends are everywhere, but there are never two outfits exactly the same. Street style is good to remind you of just how much creativity and style individuals can have.

Photos via Vogue.com, Style.com, and the Sartorialist.


  1. Love these different kind of looks!

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  3. Great choice of styles...love it!

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  5. I love looking at street style photographs! xx

  6. I adore the fur ones! The green suede coat is bliss x