Spain: The Food

I'm sure you're all tired of my Spain posts by now (I know I am), but I promise this is the last one. And maybe the most important one because this post is all about the food. Whenever I travel, I always keep food in mind and try to experience as much of it as I can. (No chain restaurants or fast food!) 

I do not recommend Spain at all to vegetarians. It would be torture. Chorizo, jamón ibérico, salchichon, I don't think I had one meal without meat (with the exception being breakfast which consisted of a simple bread and butter todo los días.) My favorite meal was a chorizo bocadillo at a tiny cafe in the plaza mayor of Salamanca. Very simple, just meat on bread, but very delicious. My favorite drink had to be the hot chocolate. American hot chocolate is sweet and watery, but this was chocolatey and thick, like a slightly liquified pudding. The only decent vegetarian meal I had was tortilla española, which is a thick, fried omelet with potatoes. 

The one thing I didn't like about the dining in Spain was the beverage situation. On the first day, my friends and I went out for lunch at a cafe and ordered waters. Keep in mind that this was the very first day and our Spanish wasn't that experienced. When we got the bill, the most expensive item was water for seventeen euros! The bill was split between six or seven of us so it wasn't that much, but it's still a ridiculous amount to pay for water. Whenever we dined again we made sure to clearly order tap water not bottled.

These are actually legs of sheep or cows; note the still attached hooves on top.


  1. I think if I went to Spain I would gain 20 pounds in a week. That's crazy about the water bill!


    1. I thought the same thing but it all evens out with the amount of walking you do!

  2. thanks for the vegetarian warning- I'm not one but hearing people talk about eating something they morally object to is super important!

  3. Replies
    1. Well the chorizo was a combination of both pork and beef but most of the meat was beef.