It's that time of year again! Although I'm not a fan of cleaning at all, I'd do almost anything at this point in exchange for the beautiful weather we've been having. The only downside? Allergies! And all the newly arisen dust floating around from cleaning isn't helping either. This year's spring cleaning was more of a spring remodeling. (What's the difference, you might ask? One is a light dusting and the other includes donating 4 full garbage bags to GoodWill, not to mention about 2 to the trash. This year's was definitely the latter.) I rotated my bed, which really opened up the floorspace (and revealed a lot of dust and mess), but my favorite renovation has to be the wall above my bookshelf. With Hamish Bowles photogenic apartment well in mind, I hung a bunch of frames on that designated wall to break up some of the blankness of it, as well as the overwhelming green and purple color scheme of my room. Check out the photos - they explain much better than I can!

Here are some lovely, fake, flowers; I thought they added a necessary fresh touch (this is spring cleaning, after all), without actually being fresh. Fresh is good until it spoils.

The only thing that could make this photo better is coffee table books under the flowers. Channeling Habitually Chic.

Here's that vintage Vogue poster in full. I bought it for about $5 at a thrift shop and it currently stands high on my list of best buys. I love that it's not the traditional vintage Vogue cover; it feels very Vogue and contemporary, but old at the same time. A vintage modernity. 

The full wall.

Note the satin-y pink curtains visible in the reflection in the mirror. I am aware how they clash horribly with the rest of the room; curtains are something that I'm constantly on the lookout for when shopping.

The mint green column of my frames. The first is another vintage Vogue cover, the second a photo I took in the Catskills, and the third also from the mountains. (The third one is actually a combination of three different shots of the trees and the light shining through them.)

Alexander McQueen & Isabella Blow Burning Down the House circa 1996.

A cute little sign I picked up two summers ago in England. I'm a sucker for an English countryside.

Not pictured here is the masthead page from Vogue in a simple black frame above my bed. Although it's not nearly as photogenic as any of the covers, it means more to me than any of them because it has the names and titles of all the people I aspire to be. That masthead is a goal for me; I can only imagine the day when my name is on it among all the others.


  1. Beautiful pictures. ^^
    Have a nice Easter weekend.

  2. http://veryproper.blogspot.com/2015/04/a-lovely-week-and-creative-bloggers.html Go check! I nominated you for The Creative Blogger's Award! xx

  3. nice photos displayed dear :)


  4. Wow your wall is amazing! I'm thinking of doing an art wall so i'll have to use this as inspiration! Love it


  5. wow! great layout of frames !!

    PS: I am following you now :)