Spring Fashion's Old Reliable Friend

When all other trends fail, there is one spring classic that always seems to be relevant. Yes, we're talking about florals, the inevitably popular print for every spring. As I was looking over the trends from yesterday's post, I realized that, although trends come and go like the wind, one of them was more frequently blossoming and blessing the pages of spring fashion magazines more than others, and that was the floral. Trends, by definition (or my definition, at least), aren't reliable, but florals seem to stick year after year, unlike their faddish competitors. If you look at the situation, it only makes sense that flowery prints would be a springtime regular because flowers represent spring unarguably unlike anything else. Seasons are nothing but months, names of months really, but it's the magic of mother nature (& science) that represents them. The most beautiful magic that occurs during spring is the blooming of flowers. The inspiration that comes from nature is unlimited, but I have to wonder if designers are abusing her beauty. Actually, I don't wonder, I know.  The fact that there's an overwhelming excess of floral printed clothing every spring means more than designers are feeling especially inspired by nature's beauty. This is rarely the case, but truly unique and beautiful clothes mused from flowers are, indeed, possible. (This past season's Alexander McQueen is a perfect example.) The rest are retail ruses selling people the same "fresh, new spring fashion" aging back to when flowers themselves were first grown. A lazy, familiar, and visually pleasing trick to which we're all victims of. But who doesn't love a good, reliable floral?

Alexander McQueen. Gives the exact essence of a rose, without spelling it out for you.

Another from McQueen.

Anna Sui, a known spring flower slave.

Dries Van Noten.

Givenchy. I think this is another example of a well-executed floral theme.


Michael Kors.

Chanel was probably the biggest flower slave this spring.

Said best by none other than (the fictional) Miranda Priestly.


  1. Wow, stunning looks. ^^
    Lovely greets nessa

  2. Nice selection! McQueen ist my favourite.. Always!


  3. Nice blog and interesting post, dear. I love it!
    Your design is pretty!

    Can you click on the link to coat? (at the end of the post)

  4. Love McQueen and Chanel! Those dresses are amazing!
    Nice blog, dear! ^-^


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  6. All of these outfits are dazzling, I especially loved the blush-colored Alexander McQueen dress