Vintage Couture Wishlist

I came across 1stdibs thanks to my mother, who window shops there for art and furniture in her scarce free time. When I checked out this massive, online marketplace for furniture, jewelry, fashion and art, I, of course, immediately clicked on fashion. I've always been a fan of vintage fashion; I get, and wear, what I find from Goodwill. But this isn't a collection of your average thrift store haul, this is the stuff of the greatest haul of your dreams! As I browsed the vintage couture section, iconic-looking pieces from iconic names popped out at me from all directions. I saved a few (okay, a bit more than a few) to my profile - mostly vintage YSL's, Balmain's, and Dior. 

I, undeniably, enjoyed looking at the design and aesthetic features of the clothes, but I think the history aspect was even more interesting. Browsing this was especially thought provoking for a fashion youngster like me who's never experienced the old, iconic fashion collections. It's fascinating to see a fashion house's evolution throughout both different eras and designers. 

Click on the photo for the 1stdibs link.

Dior - c. 1960

Lanvin - c. 1962

Yves Saint Laurent (not sure if it's a design for Dior or his own house) - c. 1969

Givenchy - c. 1980-2000
This one is a little bit more modern (maybe too modern to be considered vintage), but I still love the craftsmanship and character.

Christian Dior - c. 1965 

Pierre Balmain - c. 1960

Carven - c. 1967

Valentino - c. 1970
This is a Valentino piece from 1970, but it reminds me a lot of what Heidi Slimane is doing at Saint Laurent these days.

Chanel - c. 20th Century

Nina Ricci - c. 1960
This reminds me of Riccardo Tisci's past collection for Givenchy - an aura of earthy regality

Schiaparelli - c. 1940
It's really fun to compare this look to Schiaparelli's past couture collection!

Pierre Balmain - c. 1968

Valentino - c. 1963

Pierre Cardin - c. 1965

As I was window shopping online, I felt rather like Hamish Bowles, who has a notable collection of vintage haute couture to his name. I suppose this is the modern-Hamish way of building a vintage collection. An old fashioned Hamish would shop around markets and consignment shops, but this is 2015 and modern Hamish shops online! (It's a goal of mine to be a modern Hamish, if you didn't know.)


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  2. All these outfit looks so glamorous. I love the first one. It's so elegant.

    Jessica |

  3. They are the stuff vintage dreams are made of! xx

  4. Isn't that Dior dress amazing! Actually none of these outfits look dated, you could wear most of them today

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. Isn't that Dior dress amazing! Actually none of these outfits look dated, you could wear most of them today

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  6. These picks are amazing! I'm about to fall down the rabbit hole on that site I think. I especially love the Lanvin jacket!


  7. I love this post! I seriously cannot decide on a favorite. Gorgeous.



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  8. This is such a cool post and I love your vintage haute couture picks!

    Teresa xxx