Will Tech Ever Make It In Fashion?

There is no need to introduce the Apple watch. Anyone, who hasn't been living under a rock, has heard of this ground-breaking product that the geniuses over at Apple have dreamt up; the product to finally conquer that uncrossable line between fashion and technology. Or at least that's what they make it out to be.

Apple's "mission" is to create technology that's accessible, high quality, and, most importantly, personal. And nothing is more personal than clothes. It's easy to see what Apple was thinking; a watch is a daily accessory for most people and if that watch could be personalized and technologically advanced, then you've got the product of the decade (which is really saying something considering how often new products come into the market). There's no problem with the business side of the Apple watch; there are no major flaws and at a glance it, indeed, looks like the product of the decade. (Sure, it may have to compete against both the watch and smartphone industries, but it's a strong adversary considering that it's a hybrid of both.) But the watch does face problems when it crosses over into the realm of fashion and identifies as it.

Apple's watch is a luxury technology item, and the fact that it's worn instead of held does not remove it from that category. In fact, that's the only part that would make the watch, or rather its sellers, even consider being a fashion item. Every couple years (or actually months because that's the way the world functions now) a new product or technique will come out in an effort to bring fashion and technology together. "Wearable Tech" has been an on and off trend for a while now and, unlike most trends, it doesn't seem to be giving up easily. It was the google glass, then the Nike fuelband, and now Apple's contributed with the watch.

The truth of the matter is that technology is the future and fashion is the always, but it's a very tricky job to combine the two. Right now, "wearable technology" is mostly big tech companies dabbling in areas they know nothing of and producing excellent products, just not fashion products. It would be just as unsuccessful if fashion brands suddenly went into technology. They don't get that just because technology can be wearable does not make it fashion.

Fashion's trendiest representatives will, undoubtedly, flaunt their smartwatches all over social media, but by no means will it become a fashion item. Despite the its efforts, technology will always be separate from fashion unless it finds a way to give up some of its "techiness" and give in to some of fashion.

The Apple Watch was released last Friday.

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