Always Pack a Party Dress

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'd know that all I've ever wanted to be in life is Amanda Brooks. (Or maybe Hamish Bowles, or maybe a beautiful combination of both.) I've been through the reasons why Amanda Brooks is a perfect, English Countryside Goddess, so I won't go through all that again, but I do have an important message to share concerning my walking, talking, horse-riding life goal. 

She's done it again: written a Bible for style enthusiasts to avidly cling on to every word. Style is, indeed, eternal, and therefore books written on the subject are, too. As if I Love Your Style wasn't enough, the perfection-in-human-form herself has blessed us with a new classic to grace our coffee tables and book shelves. Always Pack A Party Dress comes out this Tuesday, and I am prepared to drive, or at least beg my parents to drive, to Barnes & Noble at the nearest opportunity to read it, and then I will wait to actually buy it over the summer using my birthday money. (Other 13-year-olds save up for clothes or makeup or movies and I save up for coffee table books. In my defense, my collection will stay with me forever but they will, inevitably, grow out of theirs.)

I haven't actually read the book, but based off both Amanda's book and blog, I just know it'll be perfect. She is an under-publicized secret icon. Her personal style is sturdier than most, and her journey of developing her style provides for an interesting read.
She posted a few of the pages on her Instagram account, which only increase my intrigue. These posts work quite well with her usual English countryside shots of horses and fields.

J.Crew's Jenna Lyons included Always Pack A Party Dress in her pickings. If Jenna says it's good, it's good.


  1. Any fashion related books are a must-read to me. I think I'll have to pick this one up!

  2. Thank you! I love reading and if I can read anything about fashion it's simply a must for me :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  3. Everything about style and fashion sounds interesting to me! :)

    Sarah x

  4. Love your blog! Just followed you on Bloglovin, would you please follow me back?
    P.S. Let me know if you want to like each other's Facebook pages! :)

    Michaella from

  5. wow nice post and I am so in love with your blog in general! :D I hope to hear more from you soon, because I will definitely come back and read your future posts! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

    xoxo Ana

  6. It sounds like a great book! x