April in Review

Is April really over? Is it actually May? Can I finally pack my coats and jackets in storage for next year? As much as I can't believe it, the answer is yes to all of those sickeningly cliché rhetorical questions. April was a lovely month for my precious Plaid Is My Favourite Colour, a rather concentrated, but nonetheless lovely month. I say 'concentrated' because I only published 10 posts, but I'm very pleased with all of them. This month was a true exhibit of quality being greater than quantity.

The beginning of April was a bit tough concerning writing material, considering I was coming off of a fashion month-and-a-half of never ending stories and ideas from New York, London, Paris, and Milan and used to not looking far for inspiration. But it was a smooth transition away from runway reviews, my opinions on clothes and collections, and on to my pure opinions and thoughts on the happenings of the fashion world. 

Although the purpose of this blog is to distract and transport myself from my personal life, I started April out with a lifestyle post on why I refer to fashion as my distraction rather than a passion

This rant was followed by another lifestyle post on spring cleaning, a desperate effort to write about something current (a tough time in my fashion month recovery.). 

Then I brought September fashion week back to show the relationship between the clothes on the runway and on the racks. They're much closer than people tend to think. 

After that, on the subject of trends, I moved on to an old reliable for spring fashion: florals. Who doesn't love a good floral for spring? Designers love them, possibly because that could mean less design and innovation on their part.

Then, I scorned Moschino a bit for filling the airhead, bubbly reputation of fashion, in Living up to the name of filling the stereotype? Sorry Jeremy, but Barbie isn't amusing me.

After that, I went into depth about a recent trip to Goodwill, but it wasn't your grandma's clothes on the racks, it was pieces straight from the Net-a-Portêr warehouse. A real-life dream at first, it quickly became disappointing. 

Fresh off having my say on the cheap designer clothes, I questioned whether the weight and power of a label is really necessary. As any good journalist, I looked at the reasons for and against, and unlike many good journalists, I couldn't choose a side. 

Then I had a bit of fun on 1stdibs window shopping for vintage couture and pretending to be Hamish Bowles. I don't think that one needs much of an explanation.

Almost near the end, I was getting so very tired of hearing about the new Apple smartwatch, I decided to state my thoughts on why tech will never make it in fashion. Ever. Or at least while tech companies are trying.

Lastly, my most recent and favorite post of this month, was about John Galliano's interview at the British Vogue Festival. I provide insights and opinions, but if you don't read my post I really just urge you to watch the video. I promise you that you won't regret it and it'll make you see his past collection for Margiela in a different light. 

Oh, and in the course of this post and this month's posts, I didn't bring up my little vacation. I went to Florida last weekend for a NATIONAL horse show. I didn't do so well, but I had a blast poking around consignment shops and snapping these photogenic palm trees.


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