Some Old Guy Died...

...And now I get to search through and take photos of his possessions. Well, that's not the exact circumstances. It could very well be a dead old lady. They don't even have to be dead, they could just be someone who happened to part with a selected number of their belongings, specifically clothes, for any which reason. Fantasies aside, the fact of the matter is that I went thrifting. But the thrifting I'm writing about today wasn't just my usual trip to Goodwill.

In my post looking back on April, I reviewed, briefly, a mini vacation I took for a weekend in Florida. I was there for a competition, and although I wasn't successful in that, I was successful in my windowing shopping and thrifting. The consignment shops in West Palm Beach are endless and perfect for a high fashion appreciator like myself. One could easily spend hours sifting through the racks until the ever-watchful management kicks you out, which was exactly what I did.

Because the items were donated, a whole set of matching things in the same size would often be found. Like these matching Etro shirts.

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw these Alexander McQueen loafers. They were men's and they were huge but they were perfect. I wish I got a better photo of them but I'm sure you can just imagine.

At this one consignment shop, there were about 5 pairs of Stubbs & Wootton slippers, all in the same size. (This led me to inference that some old guy had died and an uninterested, contemporary next of kin had donated them here. Hence the title of this post.) I found so much joy in going through these even though I couldn't possibly buy them for myself. They had a distinct Hamish vibe.

As an appreciator of clothes and style, I'm not necessarily looking for personal clothes. I look for statement pieces, character pieces, but not much I'd wear myself.  That's where my separation of having an eye for style and seeing only personal style comes in handy. I can seek out and acknowledge beautiful fashion even if it's not for me, an invaluable and practiced skill.


  1. I agree! It's good to appreciate beautiful fashion. There are things tha tI absolutely love, but would never wear.



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  2. Great post!

  3. Oh my God those Alexander McQueen loafers! x

  4. I always find the most unique things while thrifting!

  5. That would be a great place to shop if you wanted to start your own vintage store!


    1. It would be! In fact, I think some of the regulars do exactly that - buy pieces there and then resell them elsewhere.