The Artist is Absent & Other Fashion Documentaries

We are currently living the heyday for fashion films. 2014 Saw not one, but two films on the legendary Yves Saint Laurent (appropriately titled, Yves Saint Laurent and Saint Laurent), a man undoubtedly worthy of more than one and even two films. Just this past month, a documentary of yet another Dior creative director, Raf Simmons this time, came out (Dior and I). Iris Apfel's rather colorful documentary just hit theaters also. This rise in fashion films and, especially, documentaries means fashion is becoming more approachable. Fashion is moving away from its exclusive bubble and coming into plain view for all the world to discover.

With all the buzz on John Galliano and Maison Margiela, it was only expected that a documentary on the topic would be coming out anytime now. But I was not expecting a 12 minute long YouTube documentary. I was a bit skeptical of the quality of it (how much can you really pack into 12 minutes?), but, I have to say, that 12 minutes was more inspiring than some other, full length, productions. It goes into great depth about the ghost of a designer, Martin Margiela; from his early days all the way up to his disappearance and every deconstructed beauty in between. This mini documentary also covers what set him apart from other designers, especially during the 80s, the prime time for the supermodel craze. Although the artist himself is, indeed, absent, and never appears in the film, Martin Margiela shines through his work and the words of those who worked alongside him and knew him best. The Artist Is Absent definitely holds its place among the top fashion films, despite its duration, or lack thereof.


  1. Very interesting! I love the sentence that everything can be fashion! We really need to think out side of the box more! Thank you for sharing!


    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It's so inspiring.