Alexander McQueen Resort 2016

As we saw in her fall 2015 ready to wear show, Burton works best when staying true to McQueen's adage that there is no better designer than nature. For resort, she took inspiration from good old Mother Nature, but mixed those elements with smart tailoring, edgy leather, and a general eccentricity for that good, bold Alexander McQueen look. Metallic threads woven into knits and tweeds guaranteed avoidance of the traditional, cozy appearance, and provided an almost glamorous element to the collection. Needlepoint flowers were printed on leather for an edgy look with a hint of granny. Curious jewelry that would look at home in a quiet thrift shop adorned the models, complimented the clothes, and altogether added to this quirky, yet rough character. Smart, lace-up shoes accompanied all the looks and added to that subtle granny factor. A few of the looks were dangerously close to being that cliché fluffy-tulle-dress-with-rocker-leather-jacket-and-boy-shoes-angsty look. You know the one. These looks were, however, saved by careful styling and a well-placed Knucklebox clutch, the reliable McQueen champion. Thick belts were another star in this flowery collection, possibly a homage to the traditional kimono belts that were seen in Burton's Asian inspired spring 2015 ready to wear show. 

The attention to detail is that which has come to be expected from Alexander McQueen. The little elements make up the big motifs, such as the texture of a fabric or a wavy edge. All the subtle craftsmanship makes up the major theme of the collection. Anything that is dainty and delicate is meant to be so and as is any sharpness, all to create this tough flower, this strong elegance, this dandelion that refuses to be killed. Despite its inspiration, this show was anything but garden variety. 

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