Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 Menswear

I don't normally review menswear, but fashion is fashion, so I decided to give it a go. And what better place to start than Alexander McQueen?

A story was told with Alexander McQueen's spring 2016 menswear show, and this was also one of the beginning chapters of a much larger story: London menswear collections. But McQueen's, or rather, Sarah Burton's, characters were of seafaring and adventure, but not so rugged as we're used to. "Tattoos" were printed on starched fabric, making the collection sharp and clean-cut, with a contemporary vibe. Collections today can normally be sorted into two general categories: those which are clearly made for the youth and those which obviously taken from the past. This collection, however, seemed almost ageless; not excessively young, nor stealing from a grandfather's wardrobe.  This collection introduced a new age, somewhere in the middle, as well as a new character, equally halfway. And if the previous references weren't enough, the show ended with vivid, map-like prints of sea monsters and oceans, sure to evoke images of pirates and explorers in every viewer's mind. 

Every cut, line, button, and print was so evidently intentional; it was no coincidence that the models' hair was left wet and wild and the lines sharp and crisp. All these elements contributed to an idea of a smart sailor, a futuristic mariner. She took two very traditional styles, rustic seafaring and smart tailoring, and brought them together in just the right proportions.


  1. Nice collection !

    1. It is! Menswear is always interesting because women's clothes are often based off of them and parallels can be found in the trends.