What to Read in This Month's Vogue

Another month, another Vogue, another interesting article or editorial to discover. We saw a lighter Vogue for June; more of a magazine than a book, especially in comparison to other months (hint, hint SEPTEMBER.) Although the title proclaims a publication full of "summer cool," June's Vogue is rather small, yet engaging enough to keep you busy through free time during June. No major fashion months have passed, so there are no collection reviews or trend reports. The most pleasing aspect of the June Vogue was not any particular celebrity, but rather a lack of them. I'm not a huge fan of the modern supermodel and star friend groups, but I will acknowledge, whether you like it or not, that they are the future of fashion. (Not that they should be...) Being a smaller publication (only in size) with more culture, ideas, and styling, we, the readers, were spared the usual Kardashian and/or model takeover. What was consistent in the magazine was that there were a number of must-read articles that seem to pull you in from the first line. Definitely not something new for Vogue. But there are also those articles where you feel your mind start to wander, and ultimately flip the page, putting that one aside for duller times.

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Here is your June Vogue, eye-catching articles analyzed for those who deserve a read at the first sitting, and those who don't: 

1. A Living Legacy- After you get past the seemingly countless ads, the letter from the editor, which is always worth a read, and the letters from readers, which is worth a skim through, at least, you'll get to A Living Legacy. This feature is about the Whitney family, or, I should say, the family of the Whitney Museum. It is extraordinary that the museum is still influenced and, to a degree, run by the same family, and this article, by Dodie Kazanjian, captures this exceptional circumstance. Definitely worth a full reading if you enjoy art, history, or both.

2. Valley Girl- This article, about Chiara Barzini's move from Italy to Los Angeles in her teenage years, is probably one of my favorites in this month's issue. It tells California's teen scene from an outsider, and explores the bittersweet of leaving home. 

3. People Are Talking About (feature)- These two pages of tidbits are worth a leisurely looking over. From new and noteworthy books, movies, social scenes, boat vacations, and more, this feature is sure to keep you interested over your morning coffee.

4. Wild World (editorial)- This editorial, starring model, Caroline Trentini, and musician, Hozier, is boho-Coachella meets wild safari. With Grace Coddington as the fashion editorial, I knew we were in for a sartorial treat, and I was not mistaken.

5. A Place in the Sun- This is the cover story, starring intriguing actress, Amanda Seyfried. The article flawlessly depicted Seyfried's charming and quirky personality, and the photos, by Mario Testino, were gorgeous, but I don't think they went together well. The photos didn't show the person they were describing in the article; they used Amanda as a model and a character rather than a person whose energy and aesthetic was meant to be captured. Despite the lack of cohesion, it was a very interesting read and reassured one that some actors, and people in general, still genuinely care about their craft. 

6. Fresh Heir- The title, although not about royalty, is apt for this article, on Peter Copping's takeover at Oscar de la Renta. Written by my favorite, Hamish Bowles, this article is informative on how the designer is recreating class and character for a new generation of de la Renta. If I were to read that without seeing Copping's work, I would be worried for the house, but all collections so far have proven true to the vision and spirit Oscar built.

7. ISIS Undercover-  Researching for her article on ISIS recruiters, French journalist Anna Erelle created a fake persona on Facebook, and soon found herself Skyping with a terrorist romantically interested in her. Once you start reading this article, you cannot stop until the end. The only thing I wish for it is that there would've been more; this feature in Vogue was only an excerpt from her book, which came out this past May. 

8. Rough Magic- Hamish Bowles is right in his element reporting on interior designers Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty's wildly chic home on Corsica. I have to say, in this case, a photo really is worth a 1,000 words because the words are undoubtedly out shined by the breathtaking beauty of both the natural landscape and artfully calculated interior design. 

9. Ban de Soleil- Sarah Brown shares her experiences as a "porcelain-pale" woman growing up in the sun. Even though she's been as careful as they come, between staying indoors, covering up in layers of both clothing and sunscreen, and always wearing a hat, she shares what it was like to get skin cancer - and how to prevent it in the first place.

10. Stark Contrast- A small feature, but a rich one. Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner isn't afraid of warm hues, despite her fiery-red hair. She speaks to Mark Guiducci about playing her character, acting in general, and, most importantly, not being afraid of a little color.

11. Hat Trick (editorial)- Hats off to Léa Seydoux in this editorial! (Sorry, but I had to.) These photos capture the essence of summertime carelessness, while simultaneously tributing summer's greatest essential.

All in all, this month's Vogue is certainly one to pick up. June Vogue was simply refreshing compared to the been-there, seen-that's that have been becoming the norm for Vogue. I hope to see more refreshing content from Vogue in the future; this was a lovely start for June and hopefully a start in a new direction for Vogue.


  1. Now this sounds like an edition of Vogue that I might actually want to read. Thanks so much for the breakdown!

    1. This issue is definitely worth a flip through!

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