Something Creative #1: Simple Does Not Mean Basic

I've felt rather uninspired to comment on fashion recently. This past week has been rushed, as will be my next one. My mind hasn't been and isn't settled enough to form actual opinions, and without a fashion week, event, or opinion to write, I've decided to put my mind to something creative. I'd been wanting to do a photo/creative writing/something creative post for a while, so here's the first one.

Today, I took to my scissors and old magazines and cut and glued and styled until a college of sorts started to appear out of the clutter of sticky, shredded paper. The finished project was a Céline-clad Daria Werbowy mosaically outlined in gray shapes. With this newfound inspiration, I attacked Pinterest and Tumblr in search for images that communicate the minimalistic simplicity and understated beauty that Céline stands for: the Phoebe Philo - Céline mindset.

This is not Céline; it is Christophe Lemaire, a designer that shares a similar point of view.


  1. as always you've found the best bits of minimalist monochromatic clothing, which I personally avoid but shown it in a whole new light. it's the details and silhouettes, as well as a simple bun but contrasting undercut make the simple much more eye-catching

  2. Your college is gorgeous! x

    1. Thank you - college-ing is a great way to spend an afternoon!