The Unappreciated Art of Careful Styling

Fashion editorials are multi faceted when it comes to purposes. They depict a story, a mood, a moment, at times more thoroughly than words. But at the end of the day, the main justification of editorials is to show off clothes. It is a fashion editorial after all; you can't let the plot get in the way of the clothes. But if you balance it just right, careful styling of clothes deepens the characters, thickens the plot, and generally adds to the story. The clever placement of a ring could divulge a minor detail that changes the way you interpret the story, consciously or subliminally.

Trained styling not only showcases clothes, but, more importantly, it transports them from the original place in their collection. Styling separates individually shows their usage away from heavily themed collections. I saw a perfect example of this in a recent editorial for American Vogue. Styled by the crème de la crème of styling, Grace Coddington, and starring Natalia Vodianova and actor Adrien Brody, this feature used pieces that were noticeable, without making a statement. The clothes fit in and worked with each other without overshadowing. 

In particular, the floral Gucci suit that Adrian Brody sported in a number of photographs was a key piece in Gucci’s menswear collection. To be honest, sometimes when I view collections I have absolutely no idea how it could be used outside the collection, and this Gucci collection was one of those times. But between careful styling and location, this statement suit looked like just another piece from this character’s wardrobe; the goal of any stylist.

Photos via (American) Vogue July.

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  1. I completely agree and the editorial was gorgeous. x