Valentino Couture Fall 2015

This collection made me sigh a mixture of happiness, that such beautiful things existed, and also sadness, that I'd probably never get to experience any of it in person. The effect of these clothes is just so overpowering; the movement of the clothes seemed to whisper something to the soul and the intricacy confuse and capture the heart, even the view from my smudged computer screen was that powerful. The first thought that came to my mind after watching this show was, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, then, thinking the surreal ambiance could've influenced my thoughts, I watched the show again, only to then kick myself for not listening the first time. The models were elegant, poised, and served as the perfect shell for the spirit of the clothes to fill, for the spirit of Rome to fill. Just as the chamber music crescendoed and the sun set on Rome, a set of radiant gold dresses glided their way along the curving path in the courtyard. This turning point in the show confirmed the pure beauty that passed and also that more was to ensure. 

Part Roman soldier and part Elven goddess, the models, more specifically, the clothes, seemed to be occurring in a completely separate world from the audience, which consisted of part faces and part iPhones. Above all the exceptional clothes, the most remarkable aspect of this collection was the personality. Valentino brought their couture show home to Rome, rather than Paris with all the other shows, to celebrate their newest and largest boutique. This was a promotional move, but quality was by no means sacrificed for the sake of commerciality. This collection embodied the personality of Rome, the mother country of Valentino. At a time when most designers are hosting their shows in foreign lands and adjusting their aesthetic to fit the ever-changing center of wealth, Valentino is digging their heels in by embracing their Italian heritage more than ever with clothes as beautiful and tiered as Rome itself.


  1. your reviews are so well written and the image quality is spectacular! keep it up :)

  2. big fan of Valentino! great collection, especially the gold headbands!

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    1. me too! I'm thinking of some great DIY's for those headbands...