Versace Couture Fall 2015

When I think Versace, I think gaudy, sexy, and Italian, the material that rap songs are made of. I do not, however, think poetical, Valkyrie-like women with an air of both elegance and power, but that is exactly what Versace has presented us with this season. The base of the character that this show was made of is some classical or possibly Germanic goddess, and then, this divine being was "Versace-fied." Versace always puts a certain emphasis on the woman rather than the clothes, partly due to the fact that more woman than fabric is usually actually seen. But the clothes from this collection were fashioned in a way not to simply overexpose, but to glorify. Atelier Versace fall 2015 couture celebrated and complimented the power of women without turning them in either of the two opposites usually seen in "strong" clothing: overly sexual or masculine.

The somber-faced models clad in shiny, patent boots and chunky platforms were more intimidating than intimate. The color scheme was generally light and matte, consisting of pale lilacs, pinks, blushes, and blues, plus muddy grays, soft greens and yellows, and the obviously sleek black, apart from a few popping fuchsias and oranges. Long, wide sleeves ensured every action wasn't made without drama and flowing skirts liberated movement, while bodices abundant in cut-outs fit like a glove. Almost every look had a plunging neckline, one or no sleeves, or some other normally-essential element missing, guaranteeing the right proportion of skin is shown, at least by Versace standards. Drapes and embellishments looked naturally occurring because of how perfectly placed they were. Valkyries were the first image to come to my mind, as the strong deities decide which mortals live and which die on the battlefield, and the Versace-Valkyries look like they, too, call the shots.

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  1. I really like this collection! *u* I especially like the look with the pink dress~ I think it looks ethereal-like<3 thank you for sharing these!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa