What to Read in July Vogue

Vogue, this issue specifically, has caused my most recent dilemma. You see, the geniuses over at Vogue.com decided to publish the magazine content online, before the physical magazine was actually delivered. To fulfill my duty as a loyal print reader, I made a conscious effort to avoid reading all the articles in the "magazine" category online. I, inevitably, cracked. I must admit, I read the cover story on Cara Delevingne online. But I did stay true and wait to read the rest when the issue finally came in the mail, yesterday.

The Other Mother, page 50
This is a small piece written by a mother, journalist Amy Seek, who became pregnant at an inconvenient time and chose an "open" adoption for her son, in which she gets to both know the adoptive couple and see her child. An interesting article on an unusual type of motherhood, yet still just as touching as the conventional forms.

L'Amour Toujours, page 83
Actor Adrien Brody and model Natalia Vodianova on the Côte d'Azur, styled in pieces from the fall collections. A lovely piece combining a strong story, fashion, modernity and history, and that unrealistic, editorial magic Grace Coddington always seems to bring.

Cara Out Loud, page 98
As I admitted above, I read this first online, but I did visit it again in the print version. The writer and interviewer, Rob Haskell, tells us of her easy personality and plain honesty, but the photos from the shoot just look a bit too planned. There's a collage of goofy photos from Instagram, and then there's the editorial photos where everything is a bit more put together and the air seems tighter. Maybe the model in her comes out when she's in front of a camera, but I would've liked to see a more genuine person in the photos, especially after I've read pages of her opening up on her feelings, goals, life, and love.

History in the Making, page 110
This past school year, I took American History, making me rather somewhat knowledgable on prominent figures such as Alexander Hamilton. And if I learned but one thing on him, it definitely wouldn't make me want me to envision him singing and dancing hip-hop. But Adam Greene's words along with Annie Leibovitz's photos have convinced me otherwise. 

House on Fire, page 116
Alessandro Michele has turned Gucci into the show of the season, every season, and the Gucci-girl into an aspirational, accessible, quirky creature. Hamish Bowles talks with the designer and brings us that much closer to the eccentric mind we get a glimpse at from the runway. The photos, by Jamie Hawkesworth, show us the Gucci girl in her true habitat - free from boring runway paths and blanching lights. I read anything by Hamish Bowles so I'm biased, but pieces on designers are always interesting, so I definitely consider this a must-read.

Living Landscape, page 126
This is a piece on gardens at a Belgian castle. To be honest, I didn't really read the words, but was instead distracted by the the untamed, yet peaceful feeling that the plants gave off. Gardening is a true luxury hobby, and for now I'll have to, as always, live through Vogue.

Learning Curve, page 138
In very month's Vogue, there's always an article on a topic that relates to both health and fashion. Last month, it was the sun's effect on skin, this month, it's posture. I am knowledgeably guilty of slouching, but this article really brought it to my attention.

Belles & Whistles, by 142
Another con of publishing magazine articles before sending them out is prejudgement. I saw the snippet of this feature online, and with the first photo being Kendall Jenner, I wrote this off as being another one of Vogue's weak-spots for the Jenner-Kardashian clan, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was a number of stars modeling traditional jewelry in modern ways.

These were just the major features in the magazine that I enjoyed, but I always find the little tidbits and small pieces the most interesting. And if you really can't read anything else, always at least read the letter from Anna at the beginning and the Last Look at the end. 


  1. great post! love the photo of Adrien with Natalia..thanks for recomendation.

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    1. Thank you! There's so many great shots of them - the product of Grace Coddington styling!

  2. Great review of the magazine :) I'd like to read more posts like this!


  3. Cara looks stunning!

    - Liz

  4. I really need to pick up this issue though I tend to just buy British Vogue! x

    1. I loving reading British Vogues at bookstores, it's always so interesting!