Alexander Wang Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear

This show was proof that Alexander Wang's last ten years made him, and more so his brand, stronger and stronger in terms of developing character and creating a sense of identity. This collection was basically a synopsis of the past ten years of his career, both literally influencing the clothes, and also in the cryptic video at the end. This collection was completely and entirely Alexander Wang, and the fact that I can use his name as an adjective here proves the significance of his brand. Despite that significance, he still felt the need to stamp some of the pieces with "AW". A brand of this caliber, at this point in its life shouldn't have to visibly label pieces; the clothes should be able to say it on their own. If he needs his name slapped on a white hoodie to make it his own, then it really isn't. 

And although the clothes were completely Alexander Wang, they were Wang in the way we've all seen before: the gritty, the street, the chains, leather, and mesh. I would have much rather seen him mark ten years with a look at what's to come rather than what he already did. The next milestone for Wang will be to reinvent the characteristics and values of his label in a way we haven't seen before. Wang managed to incorporate, according to Vogue, every major street style trend of today, which would be a feat to applaud if he had created them, but, alas, it's the other way around. A contemporary brand like Alexander Wang needs to be creating the trends on the streets, not curating them. 

A look to the past ten years of Alexander Wang shows him as a sort of model student in creating a successful fashion brand: he had a vision, got outside work experience in a storied fashion house, focused and grew his namesake label, created clothes with ideas and salability, and did it all with a wide smile always present on his face. But it's going to take some new content to bring his brand to the next level, and hopefully, now that he's parted ways with Balenciaga, he'll have time for just that.

Photos via Vogue Runway.

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  1. the shoes alone are to die for <3_<3