Prabal Gurung Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear

There are always a few times during fashion month where the attention turns to something bigger than fashion, something outside the small bubble of fashion and occurring in the real world. This is the first of those for the season. A brief but powerful performance by buddhist monks sobered up the normally silly fashion crowd just enough for an air of solemn respect to fall on the audience before the clothes made their way down the runway. Where any particular newness was lacking in the clothes, it was made up for by the charity and love behind them. When an earthquake devastated Nepal this past April, Prabal Gurung reached out to support and bring donations to his home nation, and the passion shines through his clothes here, with their artful strokes in shades of orange and yellow as myriad and beautiful as Nepal's culture itself. Fashion's purpose is to share ideas and shed light on the world we live in. This show did just that; it brought sympathy to Nepal through beautiful clothes. It was more than mid-parted models in silly dress, more than fashion; it was a cry coming out of a disaster, into fashion, and from the heart.

Photos via Vogue Runway.

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  1. loving all the texture