Prada Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear

Prada's very name is almost synonymous with fashion, the only ones possibly better known being Chanel and Dior. (Why, Prada held the title role in fashion-outsiders’ main, fictional, window into the fashion industry: The Devil Wears Prada, of course.) Prada hasn’t undergone any personality crisis, any change of hearts, or any major change at all really, unlike Chanel or Dior or even Gucci. Prada always has a look of uniformity, structured and solid, standing apart from the abstract conceptual designs that go in and out of fashion, but always with an alien-ish edge putting it not quite at the convention of a uniform. It’s like an outsider’s take on our own uniforms; the structure and style all there but done in clashing colors and fabrics, challenging convention without looking totally abstract. 

Therein lies the beauty and genius of Prada. She manages to question the traditional sense of professionalism, by creating clothes made up of just that; structure and tweeds, but layered in a jigsaw collage. With Prada, there’s always an aspect that pushes it out of the realm of the office. Last season, it was the uncomfortable color combinations and proportions, but the Prada-property of this season wasn’t as eye-catching. In fact, it could easily be missed if one sees only snippets of the collection from their phone. A slight sheerness in some of the pieces provided a completely new and thoughtful level to the clothes, strange for something that would seem, quite literally, transparent. The geometric knits lent a fun air to the collection, right in place with the mismatched tweeds that brought a certain disorder. Prada is all about taking the outline of tradition but not coloring correctly inside the lines.   

Photos via Vogue Runway. 


  1. The colours, texture and styling don't seem that different than last season's pastel coloured, molecule themed suits, bringing science to the front <3

  2. Prada is definitely a steady rock in fashion- gorgeous fabrics and amazing pattern cutting, the embellishment is always on point

    Anna | aforvogue