The Importance of Fashion History

For the dawn of a fresh season ready to be filled with newness and unexplored ideas, fashion has recently been spending quite a bit of time reflecting on the past. Just last week Business of Fashion launched their Education platform, a feature of which is a free fashion history course and encyclopedia. Yesterday, was transitioned into Vogue Runway, complete with fashion shows, reviews, and details dating back to 1991. was one of the biggest elements in fashion's opening up and adapting to technology. The accessibility of the shows through, and, later, Instagram and Twitter, turned fashion away from the secretive and glamorous industry that it notoriously was and towards something more approachable. Fashion is in the midst of a watershed, and, in the face of change, the industry is subliminally gripping on to the past, to the known. Well, not so much gripping, but rightfully using all it's efforts as a collective industry not to let history slip. In fashion, it doesn't matter if history is repeated, in fact, fashion can't really move on if it's not, but it does matter if history is forgotten. Both Vogue and Business of Fashion are contributing to the education of the future generation of fashion. It is important for the future of fashion to know the signature designs of Paul Poiret or the iconic collections of the 90s. Fashion has rapidly been changing but in this case, it must look backward in order to fully move forward. 

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