Rick Owens Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear

There are designers who create crumples of fabric on a mannequin from tons of carefully curated mood boards and then there’s Rick Owens, who seems to pull volumes of inspiration from (almost) thin air. Rick Owens’ clothes exist almost entirely in their own world, free from excessive references and pastiche. The clothes themselves don’t change terribly from season to season, the bulky, neutral-colored, aesthetically displeasing nature that has come to be Rick Owens classic. However separate from trends and fashion they may seem, the ideas in the clothes are perfectly congruous with the world around them. One of these images will surface to the fashion-outsider world, and fashion as a whole will, once again, be mocked for the genius and unconventionality of a single designer. The “fashion-outsiders”, in addition to many who consider themselves “fashion-insiders”, will take one look at the show and dismiss it for another crazy fashion thing. They won’t understand fashion’s reflection of the world, and Rick Owens’ brilliant reflection of the world. Women are only perceived as “strong” when they are performing unusual acts of force. The women who carried another women were a direct symbol of strength, vehicles really, while the strapped women acted as “accessories”, accessories that demanded attention. Rick Owens has all the elements of a “look-at-me” brand, the grand exception setting him apart being his longevity and persistence. Attention seeking as a design tactic doesn’t build such a strong world as Owen’s.  

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  1. This is SO CRAZY. I don't know how they were keeping a straight face.