Business Versus Art

Fashion is a complicated industry for many reasons, one of the most prominent being the careful balance between business and art that gets disrupted so easily and frequently. Is fashion ever really in perfect balance or harmony? Has there ever been a period where the concrete, business side of fashion works hand in hand perfectly with the abstract, artsy side of fashion? It seems as though one side has to fail, or at least be left significantly untouched, in order for the other side to prosper. Right now, the fashion system exists unbalanced, for which the blame rests unevenly on the two sides. On the business side of things, designers are expected to churn out collection after collection with little time for innovation and reflection, working, as Alexander Fury writes perfectly, as "machines that can easily be turned on and off." The harshness of today's fashion schedule, that subsequently results in the subpar designs on the art side of fashion, is tearing down the fashion industry as we know it. As Alexander Fury also points out in his article, fashion has seen numerous "groundbreaking" moments (new silhouettes, ready-to-wear, technology), which can only be expected from an industry so dependent on change. 

Today's fashion is, undoubtedly, caught in one of those major turning points that will be looked back upon in history in either glory or disdain. The golden days of fashion are either behind us or yet to come. Only time will tell whether this change will be beneficial or malicious towards fashion's evolution, but one element that will most likely remain constant is the power struggle between business and art. Fashion is all about beautiful, thoughtful clothes, but clothes must sell.

Raf Simons at the end of his final collection for Dior.

Balenciaga by Alexander Wang.

Dior by Raf Simons.

Lanvin by Alber Elbaz.



  1. I love the innovative cuts designers are able to make, but it breaks my heart knowing that this fast pace of fashion is doing more harm than good
    Also, encouraging fast fashion and generating more rubbish will become a huge problem if we don't do something about it soon and now feels like the perfect opportunity

    1. I agree - now is the perfect time for some major change in fashion.

  2. It is amazing how so many big hitters of the industry have quit there roles last year. I will be excited to see Raf Simmons new collection, I totally agree with all the reasons he left DIor.

    I come across to many people, even those doing fashion courses, that dont understand why designers make things that aren't "wearable". I literally have to say to these people

    Anna | amppages