Youth, effortless style, and innovation are concepts commonly thrown around in fashion, but rarely genuine. But Canadian designer Vejas Kruszewski based in New York offers an effortless and unconventional youth. The youthfulness of of Vejas is evident not in media's over exaggeration and admiration of the designers green age of 18 (in fact, he prefers to keep age out of the equation), but in the concepts woven into the clothes. They aren't trying to be young, they simply are and therein lies the magic. Vejas brings a much-needed wave of freshness to the New York scene; a freshness from the clichés and faux innovation of brands trying too hard to be young or provocative or, quite simply, cool. Part of the freshness in Vejas lies simply in the diversity across size, race, and gender in his lookbooks and promotion. The diversity found in Vejas doesn't have the empty-gesture feel of a brand yearning for fifteen minutes of fame for using a variety of models, but rather a natural acceptance.

Photos via Tumblr and Vejas.

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