Finding Security in Fashion

Security means both safety and stability, which can be tricky for an industry like fashion that thrives off of constant change. One could easily work an entire lifetime for five minutes of fame, only to be deemed out of style and cast into exile. For young people not quite "in" fashion yet, such as myself, it can be daunting getting involved in an industry that will most certainly be completely different in 10, 20, 30 years time. But the flexibility of an industry relatively open to change is also quite appealing; if your dream job doesn't exist yet, then fashion is the industry to make it happen. Just 10 years ago blogging was the next big thing, and now today fashion is totally focused on social media. Even with all the uncertainty surrounding the future of fashion, I am certain that fashion will have a future. And the basics of fashion's future consists of the basics present today; fashion will always need clothing creators, photo makers, writers, and marketers. Even though the specifics of those categories will change, there will always be a need for those skills in fashion. So is fashion secure? No. And that can turn off a lot of people, but if you can roll with the punches and keep up with the change, I, as a completely unexperienced and sheltered 14-year-old, think it's worth getting involved in.

photo via Tumblr, I really love everything about it; from the texture and material of the shoes to the bandana around the ankle to the denim. Perfection.


  1. fashion, like technology is principally about innovation

    1. and innovation means change, which is never secure.

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