Gareth Pugh Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

London has been offering a lot of steady unconventionality recently, one of the most notable and established of this fresh group being homegrown talent Gareth Pugh. Gareth Pugh is always one to make quite a statement without sacrificing potential sales, which is critical in longterm survival and relevancy as a brand. The punch to Pugh's collections often lie in the accessories and presentation rather than the clothes themselves, which allows him to remain true to his creative vision and message while also creating clothes that can, and will, sell. This season brought an 80s, power woman theme with a certain mocking undertone. The artificially shiny hair, the dark, dramatic sunglasses, and the strong suits paired with Hannibal Lecter masks pillow-face tape faces ensured for a comically exaggerated seriousness not dissimilar to Alexander McQueen's 2009 'Horn of Plenty' F/W fashion show (his last, for that matter.) Gareth Pugh has achieved in this collection what so much of fashion is still lacking: the ability to present serious design with an air of lightheartedness.  


  1. it might be just me, but since the silhouettes of these clothes are so strong, it is the garment construction that gives the air of Pugh's clothes being too serious

    1. Too serious, almost in a (I can imagine) mockingly way. If these clothes were walking down, say, Michael Kors, then by all means they would be taking themselves too seriously, but under Pugh's vision and direction, they give the air of a big joke, or maybe statement on the state of fashion.

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