Life "Without" the Fashion Industry

Everyone wears clothes, but not everyone considers themselves involved in the fashion industry, or even acknowledges the importance of the fashion industry. Many people consider themselves above the supposed frivolity of fashion but are ignorant towards the influence and power of the industry. I'm always hesitant and subsequently defensive when I tell people I want to work in fashion because they automatically assume it's an industry for airheads and inevitably wasted talent. Every industry has its fair share of airheads and wasted talent, but fashion's get a bit more exposure because of its inherently superficial and glamorous nature. Outsiders watch The Devil Wears Prada or hear about John Galliano's infamous anti-Semitic rant and assume that the industry as a whole is a joke. They see only the glamor shots of the Kardashian/Jenner gang ruling the runways on Instagram. They hear ridiculous urban myths and exaggerated tales of torture for interns or models. Outsiders look down upon the people who are responsible for the very clothes on their back. Now, I say "outsiders" but by no means do I want to segregate those in fashion and those out. To many, I am considered out of the industry because I do not work directly in fashion. But in reality, we are all involved in fashion in one way or another; fashion industry-conscious or not. The fashion industry consists of millions of workers in various positions, billions of dollars, and is responsible for a worldwide, universal essential. Fashion is glamorous and alluring, yes, but it also requires hard work just as any other industry, and therefore deserves the respect of any other industry. 

This is a bit of a rant I suppose; the product of my returning to my college-preparatory school where fashion, along with most other arts, is seen as an unprofessional joke of an endeavor for those incapable of handling "real" skills such as math or science. I am beyond grateful for my education but I do sometimes wish my classmates and teachers could be as open-minded as they proclaim themselves to be and see the true importance of the fashion industry.

Grace, Hamish, and Anna - Early dream team c. late 90s - early 2000s.

Karl and Grace - c. 70s. 


  1. I wrote something a little similar to this, I think you'd enjoy it X X!CENTRAL-SAINT-MARTINS-800-WORDS/c112t/5713977f0cf28d4bbf4bac33

    1. Just read it and it was truly beautiful - a very enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing.

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