Spring Cleaning

After the inevitable long, dreary, and seemingly endless winter (though this year's wasn't too bad), it is essential for one to indulge in some serious spring cleaning. And not just of the home clutter variety (although a clean space = a clean(er) mind), but of the soul. I haven't been going through the best of times recently, but through focusing on myself this spring break I've been much better. All you need is a few undivided days of focusing on what you truly enjoy doing and you'll be in a much better place. Taking a spring break not only allows you to achieve all the things you've been putting off what with work/school, but it allows you to do a thorough spring cleaning on yourself, which is essential for your general wellbeing (or at least in my experience it is.) As self-centered and selfish as we are as humans, we still often forget to take time for ourselves, our needs, and our little pleasures in life. I strongly believe in exploring and knowing yourself, your opinions, thoughts, and desires, but worrying about a billion outside factors makes it easy to forget yourself and where you stand in this world. At the end of the day, you are the center of your world, so therefore you should be your top priority, period.


  1. hope the spring cleaning is going well- can already see a change you made to your banner head! love it


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