two years

This past Friday marked exactly two years since I published my first post here at Plaid Is My Favourite Colour. I know I've been a bit wobbly on my posting schedule as of late, what with the never-ending wave of High School work demanding all my time and energy, but my tiny corner of the ever-expanding Internet remains one of my top priorities. It is the single, purest representation of myself, from my interests, opinions, voice, and style, and exists as one of the only stable elements in my life. When all else fails, I know I'll always have this little space to share my ideas to anyone willing to listen. 

Whether you've been reading for two years or two minutes, I thank you for your time and readership, and look forward to many more years to come. 

Moi, shot by a friend, after the initial cutting of my bangs. 
Expect more on hair to come.  


  1. !! congrats on your blog anniversary (totally relate with being kept busy due to over commitments too)

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