Vetements Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

Fashion always loves a rebel, especially when that rebel is willing to play along in Vogue shoots and reinvent storied fashion houses, so naturally Vetements is fashion's newest favorite. Literally translating to "clothes" in French, Vetements represents the carefree youthfulness that fashion so desperately strives for. Vetements broke into the mainstream sometime between its last two seasons,  through reconstructed hoodies and jeans, and the appointment of one of the brand's designers, Demna Gvasalia, to replace Alexander Wang at Balenciaga only adds to the buzz surrounding the brand. This season, the much awaited Vetements show brought both overstated and undersized aspects of traditional Catholic school uniforms and stereotypical tackiness done to a T. The combination of ill-fitting garments, hoodies turned ballgowns, and an overwhelming amount of velour all ensure for a thoughtful paradox fit for the state of fashion itself; a try hard attempt at finding the next definition of "cool," with little thought to the actual design or talent. The alluring "newness" in Vetements is little more than progressive styling, with essentially no innovation in areas of design technique. Admittedly, Vetements brings forth potentially interesting ideas, but the execution of those ideas is done in the haphazard and rushed style of fashion today. Vetements collections don't follow the story of a heroine like the typical fashion collection does, but instead offers a glimpse of that cool, young aesthetic previously viewed only from Instagram. Maybe a look into the false reality of Instagram is fashion's new fairytale. 


  1. Fashion loves a rebel... as long as they look somewhat androgynous, are thin, waifish and white. I like the clothes, but liking the brand is harder when there is such a lack of diversity on the runway

    1. Very true; Vetements' lack of diversity is unacceptable and should be recognized more within the fashion community.

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