Hedi Slimane's Place in Fashion

While fashion has seen many designer departures as of late, none were as dragged out as Hedi Slimane's from Saint Laurent.  Rumors of both Slimane's exit and Anthony Vaccarello's appointment have been floating around for months. I've always thought Slimane's work at Saint Laurent was more curation than creation, and therefore unsuitable for a house of such a historically innovative nature, but I can't argue with the numbers, which show quite obviously how beneficial Slimane has been to YSL and its parent company, Kering. In recreating, and arguably destroying, the original aesthetic of Yves Saint Laurent to Slimane's personal, Los Angeles rock n' roll look, Hedi Slimane offered unoriginal, easy to style pieces that fit perfectly for everyday wear. While I don't think his rightful place was at Saint Laurent, I do, however, believe there is a place for Slimane in fashion. His LA-music-cool-kid crowd definitely belongs somewhere in the wide realm fashion, but under an established French fashion house, I'm not so sure. From this short, 5 year renovation, I think it's best Saint Laurent takes away their new success and relevance and Slimane takes away his uncreative aesthetic. Not away from fashion, but just away from the house of Yves Saint Laurent.

Jane Birkin.


  1. While I totally agree that Slimane did not contribute much in the way of innovation at YSL, I think by deleting every post of his work was a total overreaction and nasty piece of work


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