Fashion is In Desperate Need of Simplicity

Fashion, like almost every professional field, is made up of rules, but at the same time the industry is a sucker for rule breaking. In an effort to be different, innovative, or simply more practical, many brands today chose to show their collections at all different times of the year and consisting of all different types of clothes, regardless of the current "official" season. This phenomenon has become more of a commonality than an exception, resulting in a confusing and frustrating fashion week schedule and distribution of the clothes in stores. For consumers, this translates into uncertainty and, subsequently, skepticism when buying.

Simplicity would be the most beneficial to the industry today. Though bigger is, as a rule, better and nothing is never enough for fashion, what it needs most is a bit of clarity. There doesn't need to be more fashion designers and more shows, just better design. At the end of the day, many problems within the fashion industry, including both the artistic and business/ethical perspectives, go back to the age-old matter of quality versus quantity. Society should, ideally, own fewer and better clothes, and thus the fashion industry should offer fewer and better clothes. Yes, variation and options are a wonderful thing, but it really comes down to quality versus quantity. As I've said countless times before, fashion mirrors society, and right now society seriously needs to reassess its priorities. With the environment and ethics majorly in trouble, it's time to address our relentless desire for more. Fashion, much like the rest of the world, needs to take a step back and get some perspective.

via Milk.


  1. it's time to buy less, invest in pieces with longevity, or have the foresight to donate to charity stores

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