Fashion is No Longer Mysterious, Just Plain Confusing

While designers play musical chairs and high fashion struggles to stay relevant against the practical appeal of fast fashion, both conscious consumers and fashion followers are left in a puzzling state of disorganization. 

A BTS Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram.

Fashion is part necessity and part dream, so therefore an element of mystery plays a key role in fashion's existence. In the pre-technology era, the mystery element in fashion traditionally took form in glamorous photoshoots and coveted couture in shop windows. But with every moment behind the scenes shared online and fast fashion brands copying, reproducing, and distributing designs faster than the original copies, the enigma of fashion has died with the rise of digital accessibility. With the alluring mystery of fashion now a rarity, confusion seems to have taken its place.

Take a scroll through Instagram and you're bound to see countless insider exclusives from designers, magazines, and models alike, not to mention a plethora of BTS shots ("behind the scenes" for those of you with the luxury of living under a rock.) With designer positions, fashion week schedules, and the industry as a whole in upheaval, it's hard to see how an industry so transparent and publicized could possess so much miscommunication and confusion. Maybe it's fashion's never-ending strive towards perfection that leaves an obviously flawed and outdated system of scheduling ignored. But almost everyone in fashion agrees, and has expressed, that the system needs changing and stability.

With the abundance of social media today, there's literally nothing left to imagination (how many times have we seen Kim Kardashian's butt?), and yet plenty of questions go unanswered. Personally, I don't have many questions, just wishes for the future of fashion. As a member of fashion's future, I pledge to maintain the dreamy mystery of fashion by utilizing technology as a tool to spread and share ideas, not to overshare. Fashion, you have my word.

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