The Met Gala Isn't a Party, It's a Social Statement

Ah, the Met Gala; the party of the year held by the queen of fashion herself, Anna Wintour, in the (commercial) fashion capital of the world, New York City. For those of us whose invitation seems to have gotten lost in the mail, the best (and, at the same time, worst) part of the Met Gala is that the entire production is completely shared on social media, from getting ready to arriving to partying, the Met Gala in its superior entirety floods our feeds every year, without fail.

To say that only the best of the best are invited would be a gross understatement; only the most influential and iconic of our time attend the Met Gala. While the decision to invite or not metaphorically lies in Anna Wintour's hands, the guest list of the Met Ball is basically an inventory of today's most popular and powerful within popculture, regardless of Anna's personal opinion of them. 

The most important aspect of the Met Gala, however, is the exhibition and knowledge that it celebrates. The Met Gala is, after all, a museum party. This year's theme of the usage of technology in fashion comes at a turning point within the industry: technology can be either the savior or kiss of death in various areas in fashion. While this theme can be interpreted in either tasteful, metallic ensambles or tacky, robotic arms, it's refreshing to see the commanders and societal stars of our time united under a single theme, under a single roof.

Rachel McAdams in Valentino.

Jared Leto and Florence Welch in Gucci.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci. 

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