An Update

With nearly a month since my last post, I felt it was necessary to give my readers (if any of you remain!) a little update on what's going on. I just finished a week of final exams, wrapping up a rough freshman year. It's been a major transition year with lots of bumps in the road both academically and emotionally, but it would be unfair to ignore all the good and progress the school year has also given me. (In the wise, somewhat unoriginal words of my mother, the glass is half full!)

In terms of fashion knowledge and writing, this school year has taken away much of my time and focus, which has forced me to make more of an effort in order to be involved in the community and create content, but in result of that extra effort, the admittedly small amount of what I have created and written about has usually been of a higher caliber simply because it took so much time to actually produce. I also completed a weekend course in fashion journalism at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which has given me a greater understanding of the world of fashion publishing and what a career in fashion journalism has to offer. 

Throughout this school year, I've worked to merge my "fashion self" and my "personal self" which resulted in my being more expressive and open about my "passion for fashion" at school. In bringing together my two worlds, I've become more active on my "personal" Instagram (which is now public if any of you would like to follow along) and less on this blog's Instagram. After all, when I finally possess the official title of fashion journalist, my byline will be under Sophia Nuñez, not Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

Right now, I'm a bit overwhelmed with the plethora of free time in front of me; I have the slightest tinge of stress in making sure not to waste it. My goals for this summer include catching up on all the resort collections I've missed (expect reviews coming soon), reading and writing on a regular basis (whether it be fashion, poetry, or general thought pieces), exploring and creating visual art, and the inevitable, everlasting task of tidying up. 

I'm pretty sure I am going to keep this blog mostly fashion based, with a few tangents in the areas of living and design, which means that most of my poetry and non-fashion thought pieces will be published in other outlets (See: my piece on piece published on Isobel Van Dyke's Living Out Loud.)

It's going to be a long, fruitful summer and I can't wait for all the inevitable unexpected in store.

I visited the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met's Costume Institute twice

Another from Manus x Machina.

I also bought and raised three chickens: Lupita, Toni, and Candace. I got them when they were two days old and here they are at 8 weeks. One of my proudest accomplishments.


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  2. you should be proud of the body of work you produce, because you do put such time and effort into content. It's now customary for bloggers to write at an impossible pace, without allowing for personal lives. Hope all is going well with school and that you write soon