In Defense of Couture: a recurring argument

With each new year couture becomes more obsolete and the argument in favor of the continuation of couture becomes more difficult. From an economical, environmental, and simply practical standpoint, couture makes absolutely no sense. Hours of work, thousands of resources, and millions of dollars wasted more or less on clothes few people or, in some cases, no one will wear outside of the show. And still it continues, year after year, season after season, begging us to ask ourselves why. The simplest explanation for this is that couture exists because it is an art form and art is absolutely necessary within a society.

Every civilization at every point in history can claim a form of art, more often unnecessary than not. Couture may seem like a rather extravagant art form to maintain "just because", and it is, but in an increasingly competitive world, including the art and fashion industries, beauty is an absolute necessity. Allowing your mind to cruise and letting your senses take control is healthy and an important step in intellectual growth, not to mention enjoyable. Neglecting one's artistic cravings doesn't make you more productive or intelligent, it makes you cold. 

In today's screen-obsessed world, actual human contact and understanding is a rarity, but art, and subsequently fashion and couture, allows people to connect through a common appreciation for beauty and creativity. Personally, I'm partial to couture because the most beautiful thing I have ever seen was the Valentino Fall 2015 couture show; an absolute poem for my senses, regardless of the fact that I watched it through my laptop. Couture, like every other form of art, is beautiful, personal, and touches the soul, whether you're a seasoned eighty-year-old editor or wide-eyed thirteen-year-old intellectual. 

My favorite couture show ever: Valentino Fall 2015. Source: Vogue
A look from this season's Margiela couture. Source: Vogue. (Also be sure to read Hamish's amazing review (as always) for an insight into the glamour behind this collection.)

Iris Van Herpen Fall 2017 Couture. Source: Vogue

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